Friday, November 13, 2009

Old Work.

In an attempt to stay somewhat chronological here is what I consider my best painting from last semester:

 (Oil paint on paper, 21" x 30" Spring 2009)
The project was to take different parts of a giant still life, metally put them together and then paint the composition. I blame this project for my obsession with painting both still lives and crumpled paper.

If you are at all interested super early artwork is here, it includes stuff from highschool and some early college. There are a couple new paintings there as well. This is pretty indicative of the art you'll find there:
Lots of pen and colored pencil. And some really poorly photographed paintings. The comic page is from a comic I started called "Fade to Color" which I may eventually revisit, but at the moment I have a couple projects that I've been working on pretty consistently. One is not my writing so, if I post here I will blank out all the text, and the other is in the (very slow) process of being written.

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