Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Ugh, skeletons are SO creepy" (Rated PG for innuendo)

Umm... this one deserves an explanation.
First of all, my sense of humor is really weird. I have no idea if other people will find this even a tiny bit amusing, but it really amused me. Possibly because I personally don't find skeletons creepy, despite the fact that I am terrified of dead things. I instead find them fascinating and kind of pretty (which worked out well while I was taking anatomy). Finally, I did NOT make that pick up line up -- I just did a thirty second google search for "creepy pick up line" and that's what came up. It was also not the creepiest one I found, which disturbs me greatly.

Here's another version of it, which is less inappropriate, and without the background (I'm not certain I like the background):

Have a good Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Monday, November 8, 2010

MS Paint!

Sometimes I get nostalgic/frustrated with my computer and decide to use ms paint. This is possibly the best so far. It's a self portrait from memory/me running to look in the bathroom mirror a couple times.

This is totally not nerdy at all. Totally.

EDIT: Here the same picture inked in photoshop. I was going for a Sin City type of feel, but I always get a little too caught up in shading to do that. I should start going the under-drawing in ms paint. It like the feel of it.