Thursday, July 8, 2010

I've been creating webcomics!

It may be a kind of odd goal, but one of the major things I would like to do is become successful webcomic artist. So here's two steps in the right direction:
This is simply my Wish Upon the Stars comic that I published for my honors thesis. Eventually I will update it with the second book, but right now I am still posting pages from the first book (at the moment I am about a quarter of the way through). Updates MWF
A redrawing of my Hushabye 24 hour comic, as I can only write creatively if I have insane time limits. The art is much, much better than the original as I have grown as an artist, but mostly because I can take more than a sleep-deprived hour to draw each page. Update TTh (and maybe Sundays -- I haven't decided that yet).

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